About Pet Buddies

Having first put on our leads in 2007, we are firmly established providing amazing walks to happy pets in the Bicester, Caversfield, Kirtlington, Chesterton, Fringford and Ardley.  Our aim is to give your dog the best daily exercise possible in beautiful enriching locations in small groups where they can enjoy a lot of care and personal attention.

Who We Are



Founder and proprietor of Pet Buddies.  Lisa is the back bone of Pet Buddies, she ventures out in all weathers in her 4x4 to ensure that her charges are always properly walked.  She takes her responsibilities seriously however is very partial to 'Snickers' and dark chocolates.

Basil supposedly dog walking in Bicester
Basil: CEO and CABF (Chief Abandoned Ball Finder)



Bazzy is less of an employee and more of a mascot.  You'll find him on every walk with Lisa, he's a very lucky boy having been originally found wandering around Banbury, he joined Lisa via Ardley Rescue Kennels.  Regardless of his origin, he loves his life of several good walks per day, meeting his regular doggy friends and showing them around his favourite haunts.  This boy doesn't know how lucky he is!

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