Walking your dog

As dog owners we know how important your little furry friends are to you.  So since we opened our doors back in 2007 we have always aimed to provide your buddy with high quality, stimulating walks in areas where they can enjoy themselves to the maximum.  Our customers are situated in Bicester and the surrounding villages including Kirtlington, Caversfield, Fringford & Chesterton so we tend to select walks with highly enriched environments in those areas.  We also take great care in ensuring that the walk is appropriate to your dogs needs.   For example one of our clients is slightly elderly and another is terrified of loud bangs.  For these clients we have worked closely with their owners to find walks that they love and genuinely look forward too!


Below is a selection of our favourite dog walking locations.  We vary them based on season, shadier walks in summer and less muddy ones in winter.  Each of the walks offers something unique but you can guarantee that your dog will receive only the highest quality walk in a fitting location in small numbers.

Walking Location: Kirtlington, Oxfordshire

We all love our walks in Kirtlington.  Hidden behind the picturesque cottages of the beautiful Oxfordshire village is a huge open area of beautiful land.  Here your dog can run for literally miles in open but enclosed countryside.

Walking Location: Caversfield, Bicester

Caversfield just north of Bicester offers your pet buddy the chance to enjoy real open countryside on public footpaths and away from traffic.  Beautiful skylines and changing seasons make this site a perennial favorite with dog walkers and countryside lovers alike.

Walking Location: Customer Specific

Not all our pet buddy clients are up to running for miles around open countryside even if their spirit would still dearly love to allow them to scamper and gallop with abandon.  So for some clients, in conjunction with their owners we have selected more sedate walks closer to their home.  If your buddy has special requirements we will accommodate.

We cover the area from Bicester, Chesterton, Kirtlington, Caversfield, Ardley and Fringford so if your pet buddy has a favourite walk we would love to hear about it and take them where they are at their most happiest.

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